As a vacation company, our business is making people happy. To do so, we connect people to people, their cultures and homes through our cruises around the world. We take care of our guests with a diverse and passionate team of employees singularly focused on delivering unforgettable experiences.

Our People

Great vacations begin with great employees. Each day, our employees from all around the world go above and beyond to deliver exceptional vacations to our guests. Our leadership team, with oversight from our Board of Directors, strives to maintain a work environment that reinforces collaboration, motivation and innovation, and believes that a strong employee-focused culture is essential to a good business.

Doing the Right Thing

Doing the right thing is one of our most important values. It has helped make us who we are, which includes creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our guests and all our coworkers. In 2020, for the fifth year in a row, RCG was named as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute. The recognition is a culmination of the practices and values that guide us on our journey — from annual trainings with our employees, working with our third party vendors to our AWARE hotline and being ever-vigilant.

Empowering Women in a Male-Dominated Industry

The maritime world has always been male-driven – in fact, there was a time having a woman on board ranked at the top of a long list of sailors’ superstitions. That’s since changed. We named the cruise industry’s first female captain – Karin Stahre-Janson of Sweden, in 2007. Now, our Celebrity Cruises brand is taking it further, with ambitions to raise the ratio of women to men on their ships’ bridges.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity at RCG can be seen among its approximately 85,000 employees from 60% of the world Nationalities. It comes to life with programs like employee resource groups, autism-friendly cruising and empowering women on maritime career paths.

We've also formally broadened our commitment by adopting the United Nations Standard of Conduct for Business and signing the CEO Action Pledge.

Being a Good Neighbor

We believe that for a business to thrive, its place is not just in the community, but to be a part of it and understand its needs and concerns. We do that by working with local governments, tourism business, communities and our guests to understand needs and desires as we collectively celebrate new cultures and destinations.

Being There in Times of Need
Hardship and Disaster Relief

Tourism and hospitality are synonymous with good times and smiling faces, but the industry and those destinations heavily supported by it, are not immune to mother nature’s and life’s unpredictable situations. We have a strong sense of responsibility to our employees, their friends and families, our guests and the affected communities. So in the times when our communities and employees need us, we are there.

During the COVID-19 health pandemic, our support focused on our employees, our travel partners and the those communities heavily reliant on cruise travel and tourism.

Giving Back to Our Local Community Including Hands On Commitments

We believe an engaged and active employee is an employee who will excel, and that holds true with our commitment to communities. We encourage our employees to volunteer and be leaders in their community.

During the global health pandemic our teams continued their efforts virtually through our mentorship programs with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Kids and the Power of Work. They also actively participated in bringing to life programs to support and applaud first responders around the world for their work during events like the Australia fires and COVID-19 pandemic.

The Importance of Education

We believe that a good education can change lives and we focus a good deal of our contributions to supporting programs that align with our philosophy. From our owned and operated school in Haiti to back-to-school drives at our south Florida headquarters, we want to be a part of changing lives and educating the next generation.

Royal Caribbean Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

In September 2019, Hurricane Dorian made history as the 2nd most powerful Atlantic hurricane and the most powerful hurricane to ever hit The Bahamas. To be a good neighbor, Royal Caribbean Group was the first on the ground, providing warm meals and life-saving supplies for The Bahamas.

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Global Giving

Being a good neighbor is part of who we are at RCG. We are passionate about our oceans and education and are active in social impact projects that benefit the local communities where we visit and call home.
  • North America
  • The Caribbean
  • South America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Throughout North America RCG funds programs that support ocean conservation, education and our community such as
    Rescue a Reef
    Rescue a Reef where employees, scuba divers and snorkelers can get involved in coral restoration.
    Big Brothers Big Sisters
    Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mentorship program brings local high school students to RCG campus throughout the year for work shadowing.
    Seafarers' House
    Seafarers' House supports all seafarers. RCG supports through days of giving and most recently with a $500,000 donation to its new Place of Welcome.
    Miami-Dade County Public Schools
    At Miami-Dade County Public Schools RCG employees give back to local schools through hands-on beautification projects including building sensory gardens and repainting school campuses.
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  • L'Ecole Nouvelle
    In 2010, a massive earthquake brought unforeseen devastation to Haiti. To support long-term recovery we funded the building of L’Ecole Nouvelle Royal Caribbean, a kindergarten through 9th grade school complex near our private destination, Labadee.
    Bahamas Feeding Network
    The Bahamas Feeding Network serves as a hub for the collection and distribution of food items and financial and physical resources for thousands throughout the The Bahamas plagued with the uncertainty of knowing where their next meal is coming from. In 2019 RCG pledged the food for the year.
    Berry Islands Community Center
    In only five short months, we helped create a place where locals could gather for various activities and events. Complete with a kitchen, pantry, computer lab, two showers and two bathrooms on the inside and reinforced windows and walls built to withstand hurricane conditions on the outside, community members now have a place to congregate and call their own.
    Hurricane Recovery Puerto Rico
    We provided over 8,000 pounds of ice; 42,000 rolls of toilet paper; 450 generators and 25 pallets of medical supplies to Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Plus, we matched up to $1 million in donations for relief aid.
    Magen's Bay
    110 workers were on site at Magen's Bay every day while 100 dump trucks worked to removed debris following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. 30 shipping containers holding different materials helped rebuild picnic benches to their original form. New lifeguard stations were made, 530 new trees replanted, and 470 trees were brought back to life.
    Sanitation Project
    In partnership with the Pan-American Development Foundation, the residents of Labadie village were given access to clean water and improved sanitation. Community toilets, showers and dozens of laundry stations were also added, along with the planting of 8,000 trees, which mitigated erosion and damage to the aquifer that runs uphill from the village.
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  • Galapagos Tomato
    With the help of local farmer associations and organic agriculture initiatives, the organic and locally-sourced, Galapagos tomato is available to all guests aboard the Celebrity Flora.
    Educate For Nature
    A program that provides graduate level scholarships supporting Galápagos research.
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  • Whale Shark Conservation
    Through our partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, we’ve helped support and protect one of Donsol’s rarest and most endangered species – the whale shark. With our support, WWF has trained teachers and student leaders in an environmental education school curriculum in 47 public elementary schools in Donsol, Philippines.
    Hawksbill Sea Turtle
    Through our partnership with WWF, we are supporting DNA extraction tests which give authorities and researchers vital information to protect the hawksbill hurtles. Our vision is for a future in which hawksbill turtles return to their former numbers to perform their crucial role in maintaining coral reefs.
    Marine Protected Areas
    We supported the development of the world’s first guide to protected areas for sharks and rays. This guide was created to provide practical tools to increase the effectiveness of existing and new Marine Protected Areas (MPA) to ensure these species are protected in the future.
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  • G.I.V.E Day, UK
    In partnership with the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch team, our employees are helping people all over the United Kingdom care for their coastline. Beachwatch is MCS’s national beach cleaning and litter survey program, bringing awareness to the threat of marine wildlife in our seas.
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Current Projects

Click on a project icon below to find out more about how Royal Caribbean Group puts its commitment into action.

Save the Waves is the foundation of our environmental initiatives. It began in 1992 and evolved from a recycling program to a company-wide philosophy. The program, and it subsequent goals, is integrated into our daily onboard operations, meets our above and beyond compliance principles and provides us with a structure to maintain our commitment to continuous improvement. It also provides the umbrella under which each officer, staff and crewmember signs a pledge to uphold his or her responsibilities to protect the environment.
With the help of the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, we can collect scientific measurements aboard our ships. By providing real-time data on atmospheric and ocean conditions with oceanographic and meteorological instruments, OceanScope has helped inform critical climate change research. Starting as a test-bed on Explorer of the Seas in 2000, the program can now be found on Allure of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas, Celebrity Equinox and Celebrity Flora.
The Bahamas Feeding Network serves as a hub for the collection and distribution of food items and financial and physical resources for thousands throughout the The Bahamas plagued with the uncertainty of knowing where their next meal is coming from. In 2019 RCG pledged the food for the year.
Big Brother Big Sisters helps children in urban and rural neighborhoods facing adversity, striving to change their lives for the better. For over 15 years, we’ve had a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, giving local high school students an opportunity to receive mentorship and exposure to our work environment.
Ocean conservation and employee engagement are essential to what we believe in. And through our collaboration with the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, we do just that. In 2015, the Rescue a Reef initiative began, giving employees the chance to learn about coral restoration and their critical role in marine environments. In a series of dives, researchers invite employees to become “citizen scientists” by harvesting coral grown in underwater nurseries and transplanting them in ravaged areas. To date, our teams have outplanted over 1,000 staghorn corals.
RCG has been a long time partner of Miami-Dade County Schools. Most recently, a five-year partnership with the school system has seen thousands of RCG employees give back to local schools through hands-on beautifucation projects including building sensory gardens and repainting school campuses.
The Pan American Development Fund aids vulnerable communities in need, fosters economic and social progress, and delivers immediate response during humanitarian crises. Since 2007, we’ve partnered with PADF to actively participate in these efforts, creating a greater impact in communities that need it the most. From providing immediate relief to countries devastated by natural disaster, to assisting families through hardship, our collaboration with PADF continues to empower individuals throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
Dedicated to empowering people, World Vision tackles poverty, disaster relief, education and so much more in nearly 100 countries across the globe. When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, we committed $250,000 to World Vision’s disaster response, which helped deliver critical emergency supplies in devastated areas. Through our partnership, urgent relief and long-term recovery were provided to those affected by Hurricane Dorian by providing essentials like clean water, emergency health services and preparation for future disasters.
Since 2012, our partnership with the Posse Foundation has given students across the United States a shot at our summer internship program, where Posse scholars get work experience in the real world.
Best Buddies International is dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation for the more than 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Since 2017, we have partnered with Best Buddies, believing that chances should be available to everyone. President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo is a proud board member of Best Buddies and championed the hiring of a Best Buddy at our Miami headquarters.
In 1999, President and CEO Richard D. Fain created the Fain Scholarship Fund to provide educational opportunities to children of current, full-time employees or employees seeking to further their career at RCG. Personally committing $50,000 to the fund annually, it provides scholarships for educational, vocational or technical programs. In partnership with the Miami Foundation, this organization helps administer and select which applicants are approved. Recipients of the scholarship are granted up to $2,500 each, which will help them in their continued pursuit of education.
Dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women, youth and children, Lotus House provides the sanctuary, tools and education to empower them into the individuals they were meant to be. Programs like Rainbow Lotus provides a safe place for LGBTQ individuals to feel supported and nurtured to administering basic medical, dental and eye care at the Lotus Wellness Center. With our continued support, programs like these and others can help bring an end to child and family homelessness.
Our long-standing partnership with United Way has given us the ability to make a difference in the communities we live and operate in. By collaborating on various projects like fundraising and awareness campaigns on early childhood education and veterans' programs, we have engaged employees and improved our local communities.
In 2014, Royal Caribbean International became the first in its industry to offer the Autism Channel on its ships. The Autism channel is a streaming television service providing resources to families and is professionally dedicated to improving the lives of people with autism spectrum disorders. Educational and entertainment programming includes an inside look into the lives of children on the spectrum to interviews with medical professionals.
With our Get Involved, Volunteer Everywhere program, employees have the chance to engage with the communities they live in, carrying out various charitable missions in communities all over the globe – from RCG’s largest annual community event G.I.V.E. Day to G.I.V.E. for the Holidays where shipboard employees raise money for charitable giving during the winter holidays.
WWF and Royal Caribbean Group launched a partnership in 2016 to help ensure the health of our oceans. Through the partnership, Royal Caribbean set ambitious and measurable sustainability targets that reduce the company’s environmental footprint, raise awareness on the importance of ocean conservation among Royal Caribbean’s more than 5 million passengers worldwide, and support WWF’s oceans conservation work.
Seafarers' House's mission is to offer refuge, resources, renewal and respect to the maritime community through multi-faith service. Thousands of RCG’s crew members are welcomed at their facilities around the world during their time at sea. RCG has supported Seafarers House through annual G.I.V.E. Days and most recently with a $500,000 donation to its new Place of Welcome.
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