Who We Are
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Our Leadership

Our leadership team, with oversight from our Board of Directors, strives to maintain a work environment that reinforces collaboration, motivation and innovation, and believes that a strong employee-focused culture is essential to a good business.

Leading By Example

City Year, United Way, Toys for the Poor … the list goes on and covers a wide-array of non-profit organizations where RCL senior leadership participate in community engagement. The philanthropy is one aspect of the senior management culture at Royal Caribbean where each vice president and above is required to serve on a board of their choice in the community where they live and operate.

Upwards of 50 members are actively involved in a variety of functions, serving as fundraisers, providing counsel, mentoring and acting as advisory roles at local universities.

For example, Jennifer Love, SVP of Public Health, Safety and Security, serves on the board of United Way of Miami and has attended a United Way women’s forum to share her story of challenges and successes as a female executive. Celebrity Cruises’ president CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, serves on the board of Best Buddies International, and championed the hiring of a Best Buddy in our Miami headquarters.

The results are a senior management team that understands the needs and strengths in our local communities and how our organization can build a stronger community. In turn, we can cement our reputation in those communities. Understanding those needs at a granular level provides perspective for future opportunities and strategic planning while at the same time positioning ourselves as an agent of change in the community.

10 Years of Guidance

On the 10th anniversary of RCL’s Maritime Advisory Board’s establishment, we celebrate the advice, knowledge and expertise its members have and will continue to contribute to our corporate leadership. From a design idea’s inception through to its development, the Maritime Advisory Board offers independent perspectives backed by decades of best-in-class experience that help us cultivate leading policies, practices and products.

Members of the board are selected by a steering committee and bring with them a broad range of maritime experience from organizations such as the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Air Force. To help us remain progressive in our practices, they regularly meet with RCL’s marine safety leadership team, provide advice on technical and operational safety plans and help us assess new safety, security, environment and operational technologies and strategies.

The board has served as an incredible asset over the past 10 years, and we are confident their guidance will continue to nurture our success for years to come.

Collaborating through Industry Organizations

Our Company is an active member of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and its associations representing North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Our participation with CLIA spans nearly every aspect of our business, and in recent years, we have worked with CLIA and other partners to develop and enhance industry standards for important topics including anti-corruption, public health, environmental stewardship, security, maritime safety and cyber security.

During 2015, CLIA’s 40th anniversary, RCL president and COO Adam Goldstein served as CLIA’s incoming chairman. Our senior executives also have served on the Board of CLIA’s charitable foundation, and we participate in CLIA’s local service projects.