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Our Employees

Great vacations begin with great employees. Each day, our employees from all around the world go above and beyond to deliver exceptional vacations to our guests.

Mentoring the Next Generation

For over 15 years, RCL has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to host monthly visits for local high school students that expose them to our work environment and mentor them about future professional options. The BBBS program is part of a larger mentoring program across the company which includes KAPOW (Kids and the Power of Work) and Posse Foundation.

Through KAPOW team members in both our Miami and Miramar offices work with elementary school children to get them excited about learning and to help them understand the future benefits of having a good education.

In 2012, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. formed a partnership with The Posse Foundation and set up a Summer Internship Program providing opportunities for the students to have real world work experiences along with their formal education.

Empowering Women in a Male Dominated Industry

At the helm of Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Summit at age 37, Kate McCue, is the first American woman in the cruise industry to command a mega ship. A native of San Francisco, she spent most of her childhood in Georgia after a sojourn in Michigan, in each case moving with her father’s engineering and construction job.

When McCue was 12, her family took a cruise to the Bahamas on the Atlantic, nicknamed “The Big Red Boat” for its paint job. “I didn’t see my parents the entire time,” McCue says. “I was off, made a lot of friends and just had a blast.”

On the car ride home, she told her parents she wanted to be a cruise director. “You can do anything you want in the world,” her dad replied, “including drive the thing.” It led her, years later, to the helm of a mega ship.

McCue took her father seriously and followed high school with four years at the California Maritime Academy, graduating as a watch officer.

After a resume blitz was roundly greeted with silence, she applied to be an onboard bartender for a cruiseline where someone noticed she was qualified to be on the bridge. McCue was hired as a third mate – bottom rung of the ladder.

That was in 2002 and a year later she moved to RCL, where she worked her way up that ladder to staff captain in 2011 and master four years later. While McCue remains the first American to reach that height, RCL also lays claim to promoting the first woman ever to top command, Karin Stahre-Janson of Sweden, in 2007.

Round It Out More

Our employees work hard to make sure RCL’s global operations run smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know it can sometimes be difficult to find work-life balance, so in 2015 we extended a helping hand by expanding our employee benefits.

From grocery shopping to retirement planning, our benefits program, Round It Out, gives employees the tools they need to round out their lives.

Life’s Precious Moments

We wouldn’t want employees to miss life’s precious moments. With our new Paternity Leave benefit, new fathers can take up to 10 days of paid leave to bundle up with their new family member. While a baby’s first few days are fleeting, other life events are long-lasting and require extensive planning. Such is the case with retirement. With our Profit Sharing retirement plan, we help employees save for the future, allowing them to enjoy the present.

Giving Back Counts

Giving is fulfilling, and we feel responsible for encouraging employees to help people in need and preserve the environment. Our new Volunteer Time Off benefit allows all U.S. land-based employees to volunteer one work day a year to a non-profit organization and help improve our communities.

Achieving Goals

Our employees’ goals are as important to us as they are to them. For employees busy hitting the books, we doubled yearly Tuition Reimbursement for undergraduate studies and more than tripled it for employees working on their Master’s or Ph.D. For those looking to adopt, life also got easier. Aside from the $2,500 in Adoption Assistance, we added 10 days of paid leave to help employees settle in with their child and begin building a lifelong bond. Got personal finance goals? Our Stock Purchase Plan benefit invites employees with at least one year of service to become shareholders at a 15% discount off the market value.

Unexpected Moments

When life throws curveballs, we want our employees to have the freedom and resources to resolve personal matters in a healthy way. That is why we expanded our Bereavement Policy from three to five days, so employees can spend more time with family and friends when suffering a loss.

Staying Healthy

With a robust selection of plans, our health benefits give employees and their families the ability to be prepared in case of an emergency. Employees, along with their spouse and dependents, also have access to an on-site clinic, where they can stop by to see a doctor or get an annual physical. To further ensure the preparedness of employees, we offer Life AD&D Insurance and Legal Insurance.

Simplifying Errands

We want to make sure our employees’ lives are running as smoothly as our operations, but we know that menial day-to-day tasks can sometimes become unnecessary sources of stress. To alleviate that stress, employees have the opportunity to have fresh, organic fruits and vegetables delivered right to the office. No need to go to the grocery store. They can also take advantage of our On-Site Car Wash and have their car cleaned inside and out while they work. Our On-Site Gym and On-Site Spa also provide great channels for stress relief, but, if employees need a vacation or a night out on the town, they don’t have to pay full price with our Vendor Discounts.

Our expanded employee benefits program seeks to improve our employees’ lives in and out of the workplace. After all, happy employees yield better vacations for our guests.

11 Thousand Strong

Filipinos represent our largest demographic of employees – 11,000 strong, across all of our brands – and that number is expected to nearly triple in the coming years as new ships join our fleet. At sea, employees are on the front lines of our company and play a key role in the memories our guests take with them for years to come. Providing a seamless hiring experience for them is very important to us, so we joined forces with long-time partner Philippine Transmarine Carriers to design a new office aimed at improving the overall experience for our At Sea employees. The state-of-the-art facility can be found at the centrally-located Mall of Asia, in Manila. It focuses on enhancing Filipinos' skills and careers and will offer training, continuing education and personal and professional development programs. It was also important to us that our At Sea employees enjoy every bit of vacation time with their families, so we streamlined the experience with a more efficient recruitment and hiring process that includes faster processing of documents and a personalized candidate experience. The office opened in May of 2016 and we hope to be able to replicate it in other regions that have a concentration of At Sea employees.

Getting Fit
1,446 shoreside employees completed health assessments in 2015 and 82 million steps walked during 2015 “walktober” walking program
Our Onsite Organic
Produce Buying Club
Endlessly Organic offers employees a variety of organic produce, sourced locally
2015 employee engagement scores reached historic heights – improving for the sixth consecutive year

Medical Care a Short Walk Away

Our employees lead busy lives. One way we help alleviate day to day stress is by providing convenient and comprehensive health and wellness services. At our headquarters at PortMiami we offer an onsite medical clinic providing a full spectrum of primary care services to our employees and their families.

Through collaboration with Tenet Healthcare, the clinic features the same set up as a traditional doctor’s office and includes a waiting room, physician’s office, nurses’ station and exam rooms. Doctors provide general wellness, screening and preventative medicine, including immunizations, physicals and routine medical care. The physicians also provide specialized care to patients with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma.

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