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Oceans are 71% of the planet and 100% critical to our business.
Conserving their health is paramount

Our 2020 environmental goals set ambitious and measurable sustainability targets to reduce our environmental footprint and raise awareness about ocean conservation.

We design to build the most efficient ships possible

Our aim was to reduce our emissions by 35% by 2020. We surpassed that goal in 2018 to achieve a 37% reduction over our 2005 baseline.

A journey to zero waste

Whenever possible the waste on our ships is reused, recycled or converted to energy.

The right buying choices make a difference

We’re buying more sustainable and humane products, like MSC seafood and cage-free eggs. We are eliminating the use of plastic straws and stirrers. Those are just some of the steps we’re taking in our supply chain to support a more circular economy.

At its core, tourism depends on the beauty of the environment

Every day, everywhere our ships go, we operate with a philosophy of continuous improvement. We’re focused on making destinations and shore excursions more sustainable and offering GSTC-certified tours to our guests.

Free to be me

Diversity at RCL can be seen among its 60,000+ employees, encompassing 126 nationalities. It comes to life through programs, Employee Resource Groups, autism-friendly cruising and empowering women on maritime career paths.

Royal Caribbean focuses on